You focus on the moments that make up your legacy, we'll help you put the pieces together.

Creating Your Legacy

You focus on the moments that make up your legacy, we’ll help you put the pieces together.

Your legacy is the sum of hard work and significant steps. You’ve pushed yourself to excel and have made a lasting impact that your children can be proud to inherit. Let us help you safeguard your legacy and protect it for generations to come.

I bring my children to all of the seminars to get them involved so as time goes on, and money passes on, they will continue to work with Nicola. It really all comes down to our comfort level and the trust factor.


Growing Your Wealth

Our institutional approach to portfolio construction diversifies well beyond stocks and bonds.

We provide access to investments not normally available to retail investors. Our Asset Management Team has expertise in hard asset investment-grade real estate, access to direct investments in private markets, as well as experienced active management in publicly traded assets.

Nicola Wealth Management has been great about setting a plan based around our goals and income needs. We know what to expect, we know what the cash flow is going to be, and that our investments are well managed as well as tax efficient. It gives us a tremendous peace of mind…the numbers have been exactly what we anticipated and that has allowed us to retire early.


Protecting Your Wealth

Safeguard your legacy now and for generations to come.

Ensuring your plan continues to be effective beyond your lifetime is significant. You have worked hard to build your wealth and you will want to implement estate planning to ensure that future generations are provided for and your wishes are efficiently met.

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