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Year-end investment tips for business owners

Posted by Jenny Lee

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Cut your 2011 taxes with some last minute investment strategies. Here are some tips from David Sung, president of Vancouver-based financial planners Nicola Wealth Management:

Take advantage of “Tax Loss Selling” Given this year’s erratic markets, it’s a good time to evaluate your investment capital gains and losses.  If you’ve paid taxes on capital gains in past years, but had capital losses in 2011, see if you can “carry back” those losses and retroactively recoup some of the taxes you paid.

Look at your life insurance. A few major life insurance carriers will increase rates early in the New Year, Sung said. It’s very likely others will follow suit. Increases may be anywhere from six to 20 per cent.

Use major charitable donations to offset your income tax bill. Look at charitable giving in relation to your overall income.  Look at how much of your income will be personally vs. corporately taxable. You may be able to donate through a “donor advised accountto offset personally taxable income.

Wait until the New Year to buy assets. Aside from the Santa Claus rally skewing prices, you don’t want to potentially be on the hook for more taxes for the 2011 calendar year, Sung said. 

Plan RESP and RRSP contributions. Registered Education Savings Plan contributions are due on December 31. Registered Retirement Savings Plan contributions are not due until March, but it could be helpful to start planning now.  


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