Performance figures for each account are calculated using time weighted rate of returns on a daily basis. The Composite returns are calculated based on the asset-weighted monthly composite constituents based on beginning of month asset mix and include the reinvestment of all earnings as of the payment date. Composite returns are as follows:

Women’s LEAD Steering Committee: A Message from our Chair, Tassan Sung

As the Chair of Women’s LEAD, I’m excited to be part of a collaborative team of leaders who are lifting other women in our community by sharing their stories and amplifying their voices.

We’re building a movement of celebration and creating a platform for people who are dreaming of a better tomorrow and putting steps in place to execute their ideas. As younger people embark on important careers and initiatives, we want to give them examples of women who have triumphed over adversity and found their way forward through various circumstances and forged their own paths.

It’s inspiring and energizing to be part of this and we invite others to join us! Your voice and experiences are valuable!

– Tassan Sung, Chair of Women’s LEAD