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Recognizing the importance of gender equality and inclusion, Women’s LEAD is dedicated to the celebration, development, and empowerment of women within our organization and our communities. Stay tuned for event updates and thought-provoking content on Leadership, Excellence, Achievement and Diversity led by members of Nicola Wealth and our communities.

I was the beneficiary of female mentorship in the early stages of my career, and I continue to lean on a few special women in my life for guidance and support. I make time to give this support to others and those of us who exist in leadership roles can empower young and mid-career women by sharing our stories.



On May 4th, Nicola Wealth hosted its inaugural Women’s LEAD event at The Royal Conservatory of Music in downtown Toronto, Ontario. Hosted by Danielle Skipp, Nicola Wealth’s Managing Director of Ontario & Chief Legal Officer, alongside Jessica Holmes, Comedian, Author & Mental Health Advocate, the evening featured a key-note speech from CEO & Founder of Knix, Joanna Griffiths, and an insightful Q&A session with performance coach and author Jim Beqaj.


Following its inaugural event on May 4th in Toronto, Women’s LEAD travelled west to Vancouver, British Columbia, where a panel of local entrepreneurs, community builders and change-makers came together to provide powerful insight into leadership, excellence, achievement and diversity. Panel members included: KWENCH founder Tessa McLoughlin, Turf founder Deanne Schweitzer, Human in Motion & Chloe Angus Design, Chloe Angus, and CEO of Covenant House Krista Thompson.


Women's LEAD Event Testimonials

It is not every day that you are in the presence of many inspiring female voices that come together to share their stories, especially in the field of finance. Nicola Wealth’s Women’s LEAD event encompassed exactly that, with the goal of amplifying female representation in the community. It was amazing to see Nicola Wealth bring women together to take on female advancement, build female talent and celebrate female achievement.

This event couldn’t have come at a better time since it contrasted my experience the day before. Just a few blocks away, I found myself competing in a stock pitch where there was only one other female competitor. If we want to see greater female representation in finance where women no longer second guess themselves about their place in the field, we need to hear from female voices that have paved the way in the industry.

There is no doubt that bringing together inspiring women with amazing careers, enables young women like me to envision becoming successful individuals just like them. With the inauguration of its Women’s LEAD Initiative, Nicola Wealth truly recognizes the magnitude of building communities to champion female empowerment and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

– Juliana Totoni, GEM Alumna, at York Schulich School of Business on the May 5 Toronto Women’s LEAD Event

It was a valuable experience to attend Nicola Wealth’s Women’s Lead Event series as a representative of Girls E-Mentorship (GEM). The event delivered on its focus of leadership, excellence, achievement, and diversity. I had the pleasure of learning from amazing speakers and network with other inspirational women. There’s no question that women are under-represented in finance, and so it was valuable to learn from the trailblazers that paved the way for aspiring professionals such as myself. I owe a big debt of gratitude to Nicola Wealth for organizing this event.

– Daniela Kuntzevitsky, GEM Alumna, McMaster Degroote School of Business on the May 5 Toronto Women’s LEAD Event

It was an honour to have been invited to the Nicola Wealth LEAD Event as a GEM representative. As a young woman interested in pursuing a career in the business industry, attending this event was truly eye-opening and motivating. Hearing all of the amazing speakers share their journeys, challenges, and accomplishments as well as networking with such talented professionals, reminded me of how important it is to recognize that no one’s path to success is linear.

There’s a common preconceived notion regarding the business and finance industry being that it is a male-dominated one; and how in the past it was rare for women to be aware of finances and wealth management at all. I believe that anyone regardless of gender deserves to be equipped with the knowledge that can give them financial independence. My hope as someone planning to enter this industry is for our society to work towards breaking barriers and eliminating gender bias, and the Nicola Wealth LEAD Event was an example of just that. Learning about the Women’s LEAD Initiative which promotes and empowers women within this industry gives me hope for my future and for generations to come. Thank you to Nicola Wealth for hosting this event and inspiring me to have bigger goals and dreams as to where my professional journey can lead to.

– Simitha Ramthas, GEM Alumna, University of Toronto Business Administration Student on the May 5 Toronto Women’s LEAD Event


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