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#whatsyourLEAD: Laura Rutherford

Leadership | Excellence | Achievement | Diversity

As we proceed with Women’s LEAD, we are asking women in the community to answer questions about their own LEAD experiences (Leadership, Excellence, Achievements & Diversity).

Laura Rutherford, Director, Insurance Services at Nicola Wealth, on Leadership, Excellence, Achievement and Diversity

Tell us about a time you experienced bad/good Leadership 

In the early days of my career, I reported to a woman who had recently been appointed to a management role. Watching her navigate her new world of leading a team of staff taught me some valuable lessons. In particular, she provided a powerful example of leadership in her ability to be vulnerable and empathic without feeling the need to become hard and tough. As a result, she gained the trust of her team, and her example has informed my management style.

Tell us about a time you experienced Excellence

I am always inspired by observing leaders that execute their jobs with excellence. I recall a Business Analyst who I worked with for several months while we worked through a significant initiative. I saw many qualities in her. She took quick action whenever possible, was always highly communicative, consistently provided a seat at the table for those that wanted to be there and always shared her vision.

Your greatest Achievement(s)

On the personal side, my greatest achievement was to quit smoking after 30 years. Professionally it would be the many strong relationships I have developed and maintained over the years with people that reported to me and whom I reported.

Tell us about Diversity in your own life/career

For the last many years, while working for my previous company, I was routinely given other areas to oversee while leading my core department, Insurance Services. The challenge was that I knew very little about these departments or how they were run. It was stressful and uncomfortable at times, but my manager gave me his trust and allowed me the necessary time to immerse myself in the day-to-day processes until I could lead the areas effectively. At one time, I oversaw six distinct areas.