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WEBINAR REPLAY – Share the Pie: The Art of Building a Winning Culture

How can you empower and attract the best employees, build profitability to a multiple of others in your industry and do it all while maintaining an award-winning corporate culture? For Nicola Wealth, it’s always been about growing the pie and sharing it too.

John Nicola, Chairman and CEO of Nicola Wealth, joined Vanessa Flockton, Senior Vice President Advisory Services at Nicola Wealth to explain the art of building a winning company culture through the Share the Pie business model.

In this informative discussion, John Nicola also speaks on how the Share the Pie model can also solve the dilemma business owners face about when and how to sell their companies and improves with growth over time.

Watch the full webinar below:

Presenter Bios

John Nicola

John Nicola is the Chairman and CEO of Nicola Wealth. A veteran of the financial services industry since 1974, John provides strategic leadership to Nicola Wealth, exercising his passion for providing innovative solutions to clients’ complex problems.

For his full bio visit: https://nicolawealth.com/our-team/john-nicola/

Vanessa Flockton

Vanessa Flockton is the Senior Vice President, Advisory Services. Vanessa leads a growing and dynamic team of Financial Advisors and Associates dedicated to providing business owners, professionals, foundations, and affluent families across Canada with integrated financial planning solutions and advice.

For her full bio visit: https://nicolawealth.com/our-team/vanessa-flockton/