The Wealth Exchange Podcast – The Trump Factor, Trade Wars, Marijuana Stocks and Cryptocurrency

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Show Summary 

Welcome to The Wealth Exchange — the podcast that focuses on addressing the issues affluent families across Canada face everyday — from buying a vacation home to selling your business, and tax planning to philanthropy. Your host is Mark Therriault, the Financial Advisor and partner of Nicola Wealth Management.

This episode, Mark has a great conversation with Nicola’s Chief Investment Officer, Rob Edel. Mark and Rob dive right into his monthly market commentary, discussing ‘the Trump factor’; where he sees headwinds in regards to both the Canadian and the U.S. economy; and current events such as Facebook correction, marijuana stocks, and cryptocurrency. Rob also talks about what is driving the change of short term and long term interest rates, what he looks for when looking at a company to invest in, as well as his thoughts on NAFTA and the looming possibility of a future trade war.


Key Takeaways:

[:29] About this week’s episode with guest, Rob Edel.

[1:41] Does Rob see the volatility in the market based on ‘the trump factor’ of fears or is it more fundamentally based?

[3:08] The top two headwinds that Rob fears in terms of economic slowdown.

[4:13] Rob explains what is driving the change of short term interest rates going up and long term interest rates staying flat.

[5:49] Do bonds still serve as a safe asset in a portfolio (even with interest rates being low)?

[7:04] How does Rob and his team view volatility with regards to how they manage the equity portfolios?

[9:09] When Rob is looking at a company to invest in, what is he looking for (in terms of preparing for potential headwinds mentioned earlier)?

[9:53] What Rob sees playing out in regards to NAFTA and the current potential of a trade war happening in the world of politics.

[11:42] Does Rob think Donald Trump has a good strategic plan?

[13:39] Does Trump have the proper bargaining chips to actually go after a better deal with China and NAFTA?

[14:58] How does Rob see the potential trade wars playing out?

[17:05] What Rob’s biggest concern is about the Canadian economy in the short term.

[19:22] Rob’s concerns about the U.S. economy in the short and long term.

[20:46] Is Facebook a company or stock that Rob likes? Is it a buying opportunity with technology becoming such a large part of the market? And his thoughts on FANG.

[28:35] About the growth in the marijuana industry and the evaluations Rob is seeing in the market.

[30:41] Does Rob see there being other commodities or industries that are going to become more in-demand because of low supply? And more thoughts on the marijuana industry.

[34:13] Why are companies moving towards accepting cryptocurrency when we are seeing an insane amount of volatility?


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