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The Nicola Wealth Internship Experience: Rana Ozturk

Mitchell Robinson shares his experience as a Wealth Planning Associate intern.




Rana Ozturk originally joined the firm in May 2021 as a Wealth Planning Associate Intern before transitioning to Wealth Planning Associate. We spoke to her about his experience in the internship program at Nicola Wealth.





What did you do to prepare for your first day?

I wish I had a better answer for this question, but since my onboarding was virtual, I did not really get to experience the first day jitters. With that being said, although I was behind the screen, I wore my “business attire” for a week until I realized internal meetings were, occasionally, okay to take in hoodies. I also researched my fellow interns (shhh, don’t tell them) to understand better who I’d be onboarding and working with. I’m a firm believer that getting to know your peers and putting in that effort goes a long way.

If you could go back to your first day, what would you tell yourself?

When I was still in my third year at university, a friend who graduated a year before me was in town, and we went for breakfast. I remember telling him I had a coffee chat with someone at Nicola Wealth, and he replied, “I heard you need years of experience to get a job there; if I were you, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.” I guess hearing that planted a seed that developed into “imposter syndrome” over time. Throughout my interview process and until I started working with my advisors, concern was always there. We were the first cohort of interns; I had no previous experience in wealth management, and I would be directly working with advisors of such high tenure and clients of such high profiles. On top of that, I hadn’t grown up here. Understandably so, I was a bit worried about appearing out of place.

When I told my dad, who always knows the right thing to say, he said, “If you don’t trust in yourself right now, trust the people that saw something in you and are giving you this opportunity.”

If I could go back to my first day, I would tell myself that everyone I look up to at Nicola Wealth (and in life) had to start somewhere. So take the opportunity, and don’t fail the people who’ve seen potential in you.

What advice would you give to someone doing an internship at Nicola Wealth?

Be hungry to learn. Ever since I started working at Nicola Wealth, which is relatively not that long ago, I’ve seen our team grow rapidly. I’ve seen our AUM grow rapidly. I’ve seen our BHAG grow rapidly. You will quickly realize that no matter the seniority, no matter the position, everyone at Nicola Wealth gives 110% every day. Be hungry to learn from those people, and above anything else, be hungry to improve yourself.

If I were to list three characteristics that will go a long way in your internship at Nicola Wealth, they would be malleability, critical thinking, and being a team player. In addition, the skill to adapt to any challenge that may arise, solve, and improve the situation, and most importantly, sharing your experience with those around you will set you and everyone around you up for success.

At Nicola Wealth we value our people. Individual growth and development within this program are top priorities for us. As a member of the Internship Program, you will be a part of our Wealth Planning Associates (WPA) team, learning from our Wealth Advisors.

The WPA team is a diverse group of high-achieving individuals who have a mutual goal of supporting each other through challenges to achieve both individual and team success.