Professional Athletes

Achieving Goals, On and Off the Ice

Professional athletes understand that reaching their full potential is dependent on having a comprehensive plan in place; one that takes into account everything from nutrition and skills coaching, to conditioning and analytics evaluation.

Through our work with high net worth families, entrepreneurs, and foundations across Canada, we understand that the same fundamentals – measured process, advanced technology, and tailored solutions – are required to grow and protect your career earnings so you can reach your full potential after your playing days.

Our partnership with CKM Sports is built on the shared values that modern professional athletes require plans for success that take into account both the player and the person.

  • Do you know your current asset allocation and your risk tolerance?
  • Do you know how much capital you will require to meet your post-playing needs?
  • Is your income protected in case injury affects you during your earning years?
  • Have you considered the potential costs of future health care?
  • Is your charitable giving strategic and tax effective?
  • Is your plan being regularly reviewed and adjusted to ensure you’re on track?

What Our Clients Say

The value Nicola Wealth provides is rooted in our relationships as much as our results. Taking the time to understand the unique complexities of your situation is how we make the right connections and uncover the right solutions.

Historically Consistent and Stable

Nicola Wealth takes a cue from ‘money ball’ in our approach to investing.

We don’t swing wildly hoping for home runs. We take a strategic and calculated approach to consistently earn solid base hits, growing our clients’ portfolios over time while mitigating wild market swings and stock market volatility.

Our investments include a selection of private assets that are not correlated to public markets. These include alternative investments such as hard asset commercial real estate, infrastructure, private equity, and private debt.

Historically Consistent & Stable Returns

Nicola Wealth vs The Marketplace

A Track Record of Stability

Through two major market downturns, Nicola Wealth has kept clients safely on track to reach their financial objectives through our conservative, yet innovative approach to investment management.

The 2001 Dot Com Bust

When the Tech Bubble burst, Nicola Wealth’s diversified cash flow approach eased volatility, mitigating losses versus the public markets and helping investors recover sooner, allowing clients to accelerate their wealth building.

The 2008 Sub-Prime Crash

While 2008’s financial crisis sent public markets tumbling, Nicola Wealth’s extensive diversification buoyed our clients’ portfolios, protected the downside, and participated in the recovery from a stronger position.

$1-million invested with Nicola Wealth since January 1, 2000 would have grown to $4.38-million versus $2.83-million for a typical balanced portfolio (Morningstar Canadian Neutral Balanced).

Over that same period, Nicola Wealth’s Composite Return has been 7.06% vs. 4.93% for the typical balanced portfolio.

A Team with a Plan

In addition to managing your portfolio, we build comprehensive plans that fully integrate all parts of your financial life.

We take the many pieces that composite your finances – including taxes, charitable giving, insurance, and estate planning – and ensure they work together as a cohesive unit, maximizing each other’s strengths. Additionally, we work as a team with your agent, accountant, and other advisors to get everyone on the same page and executing effectively on your plan.

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