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PPF Becomes NWM Private Giving Foundation (PGF)

Since 2001, our clients have maximized their ability to donate through NWM’s charitable giving foundation, The Philanthropy Preceptorship Fund (PPF).

Starting in 2012, PPF is receiving a new name: The NWM Private Giving Foundation (PGF).

For those who have been using PPF over the years, please know that a) nothing is required on your part to facilitate this transition, and b) this change in no way impacts the structure or your ability to give.

The title “NWM Private Giving Foundation” is simply meant to create transparency and more clearly identify this service as being under the NWM umbrella.

Establishing and maintaining this foundation for our clients is a point of pride for us as financial advisors. We believe in “doing well by doing good” and PGF is our way of ensuring that NWM clients make best use of their charitable dollars.

To those who use PGF, we hope the many worthwhile causes you support continue to thrive. For those who are interested in using PGF as a financial planning vehicle for tax-efficient giving, please visit our website for more information on PGF and charitable giving.

If you have any questions about this name change, please don’t hesitate to call your advisor.

Cheers and all the best to you and yours this holiday season!

Wayman Crosby, Mike Taylor,
and Debbie Manuel
Directors, PGF