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Meaghan Sarazin



Director of Finance

Meaghan Sarazin


Meaghan is the Director of Finance, Real Estate and oversees the financial performance of our three real estate funds. Meaghan has worked in finance and accounting for over a decade and has been with the Real Estate Group since 2019. Leading the Real Estate Finance Team, Meaghan is well versed in the nuances of real estate funds, their structures, reporting requirements and performance analytics.

Outside of work, Meaghan enjoys spending time with family and travelling to exotic places around the world.

Question & Answers

  • Best wine

    Not picky!

  • What's your dream vacation spot

    Bora Bora

  • Favourite Canadian City other than Vancouver

    Ottawa, where I grew up

  • Adventurous Places Travelled

    North Korea, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro