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Jordan Rausch


Financial Advisor

Jordan Rausch is a Financial Advisor in the firm’s Vancouver office. Working in financial services for almost 10 years, he is driven by the personal connection he has with his clients and the ability to help them make better and more impactful decisions through his knowledge and expertise.

Jordan’s approach is centered around getting to know his clients on a personal level so that he can work with them to find the most effective way to add value to their business, family, and charitable endeavors. He adopts a broad, holistic planning approach that extends beyond investment management and simple retirement plans, working to ensure the proper tax, estate, risk management, philanthropic, and intergenerational planning is in place.

Jordan’s practice includes:

  • Retirement planning: Creating plans and strategies to meet retirement income goals and maximize after-tax retirement income
  • Financial planning: Creating and monitoring a financial plan to help stay on track to meeting financial and life goals
  • Corporate planning: Helping to effectively accumulate wealth by monitoring taxes to maximize retirement assets
  • Tax planning: Keeping clients updated on the latest tax changes, how they might be impacted, and suggesting modifications to existing plans/strategies, if needed.
  • Estate and trusts: Efficiently transferring wealth to the next generation
  • Charitable giving: Helping clients maximize their charitable legacy

Jordan holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). He also holds the Canadian Securities Institute (CIM) designation. Outside of the office Jordan enjoys cooking, watching football and F1, taking a scenic drive and spending time with family and friends.

Question & Answers

  • Retirement Dreams?

    Friends, family, travel, good food, and maybe some amateur racing.

  • Favourite Car?

    Hard to pin down but if it has three pedals, I’m happy. However, the dream is to build a Caterham.

  • Favourite foods?

    Traditional Ragu with homemade pasta. You get to spend your afternoon cooking and it’s well worth the effort.

  • Drink of choice?

    Scotch. I had the pleasure of enjoying a 28yr Port Ellen years ago and that still tops my list. They are getting rather hard to find now.

  • Best place to get a burger?

    At home. Ask your butcher to grind some brisket to add to your burger mix.