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NWM Private Equity Fund fundraising

By Ted Liu

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NWM Private Equity Fund Limited Partnership, recently launched by Nicola Wealth Management (NWM), has raised additional funds, bringing total commitment to approximately $Subscribe or Login to Vew. (subscriber only contents)

Nicola Wealth Management launched NWM Private Equity Fund in May 2012 to allow its clients to gain access to private equity and mezzanine debt.

Nicola Wealth Management and its principals committed $1-million of personal capital to the fund. The fund remains open to investment by NWM clients.

NWM Private Equity Fund is a “fund of funds” investing directly and indirectly in Canadian and global private equity and mezzanine debt, with an objective of achieving a long-term annual return that is targeted at 5% more than publicly traded equities.

NWM Private Equity Fund has already made investments in private equity funds managed by Northleaf Capital Partners, TorQuest Partners, Fulcrum Capital Partners, and Headwater Equity Partners.

Established in 1994, Nicola Wealth Management is Canada’s fastest growing asset fund management and private investment counsel firm with $1.8 billion in assets under management.