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NWM Gives Back: NWM Volunteers Visit The Sharing Farm


The Nicola Wealth Management volunteers were at it again! On the sunny afternoon of June 17, a team from NWM made their way to Richmond to visit The Sharing Farm, a 3 acre farm, located within the Terra Nova Rural Park.

Formed in 2001, The Farm developed a mandate dedicated to providing fresh, healthy, local produce for their less fortunate neighbours via community charitable food distribution organizations, such as the Richmond Food Bank. Over the years, The Farm has produced well over 230,000 pounds of food for those in need.

Arriving on site, the sun was shining and our team was ready to work!  Everyone was welcomed by Emma, The Farm’s volunteer coordinator.   Emma gave an introduction to The Sharing Farm and it’s beginnings, then went on to explain that the afternoon would start with a tour of the apiary – this is a bee yard where honey bees are kept in wooden pallet-style hives.

Brave members of our team suited up and made their way into the apiary area of The Farm – netted veils and all! Leslie, The Farm’s resident beekeeper was pleased to show the group our NWM sponsored hives. Opening one of our large wooden hives, she showed the honey bees hard at work while sharing her wealth of knowledge about honey bees and The Farm’s effort to support and grow the local bee population.

Sharing Farm- Bees

Why are honey bees so important? We need bees to pollinate our crops. Pollinators are as important as the sun, soil, and rain, for a bountiful harvest.

Leslie explained that the population of honey bees in North America has declined substantially due to more cases of Colony Collapse Disorder as well as problems with Varroa Mite infestation. She even informed us that the need for bees in North America is so urgent that they are imported from New Zealand!

The team was buzzing with inspiration – the time had come to get to work! Everyone was separated into several work groups. With smiles on their faces they weeded, watered, bundled, and picked.

Sharing Farm 1

To their surprise, time flies when you’re in the field! Before they knew it, it was time to pack up. Emma assembled the team, and took a moment to explain The Farm’s impact on the community, and highlight how important it is to have volunteers and corporate donors to keep them producing for the community.

After taking the opportunity to snap a few group photos, our volunteers prepared to leave, noting how inspiring it was participate in farming experience. The NWM volunteers will be back!

Sharing Farm 2

For more information on volunteer opportunities at The Sharing Farm visit their Volunteer Page.