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Nicola Wealth Management is good at sharing the wealth.

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Employees at Nicola Wealth Management Ltd. enjoy peak experiences like climbing the Himalayas as well as digging deep to help underprivileged kids in Ecuador as they “share the pie” while enriching their clients and the community.

“This is a culture where the company puts their people first — they care about their employees,” says advisor support supervisor Selena Woo. “It’s a spirit of generosity, putting people first and creating a family feel both internally and externally.”

Nicola Wealth is dedicated to serving the needs of high-net-worth families, entrepreneurs and professionals. From modest beginnings, it now manages nearly $6 billion in assets. Headquartered in Vancouver, it also has offices in Toronto, Kelowna and Richmond.

Woo was one of a team of eight employees chosen to help build a school in an Ecuadoran village last fall. They dug trenches for a clean water project and helped build the classrooms. It was miles away from the Vancouver office where she helps fortunate families invest their funds, but for Woo, it’s all part of the same package.

“It was just so amazing to be a part of that and the fact that the company values their employees that much — to send a team to Ecuador just blew my mind away,” says Woo. “That’s what sets Nicola Wealth apart from the other organizations that I’ve worked for.”

Creating wealth for employees and clients and sharing it internally and externally is the corporate cultural engine that drives the company, founded in 1994.

“Sharing the pie is our way of saying we’re going to grow our revenue and we’re going to make sure that we share it with the people that are causing that to happen,” says chairman and chief executive officer John Nicola. “Last year that worked out to more than 25 per cent of everybody’s annual income, so it’s a material number and we want it to be a material number.”

Nicola Wealth shares the wealth in terms of shares in the company as well as charitable giving and profit-sharing. The company is equally generous in terms of wages, benefits and training for employees. Looking after their employees is a core priority.

“There’s a real sense here that if we look after our staff, they will look after our clients,” says Woo. “We have meditation classes, summer and Christmas parties and other events year-round. We strive to create that family feel for our clients, but it’s definitely also present here in the office.”

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