Nicola Wealth Launches the Nicola Sustainable Innovation Fund

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, September 30, 2019 – Nicola Wealth sees opportunity in the future and launches the Nicola Sustainable Innovation Fund. This pool of investments focuses on investing in industries and companies committed to the global energy transition, improving sustainability issues, and advancing alternative transportation.

“Over the years, and increasingly of late, more and more of our clients have expressed an interest in making purpose-driven investments that are both socially and environmentally responsible; in particular, a focus around clean energy and transportation” explains Nicola Wealth Chairman and CEO, John Nicola. “We believe that these areas provide attractive investment opportunities and are likely to outpace the growth of the overall market for years to come.”

The portfolio will be primarily composed of publicly-traded North American equities that satisfy one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and derive revenues from renewable energy and power generation, clean technology, improving sustainability, water infrastructure, and transportation innovation. This includes companies that:

  • Are involved in decarbonization and the energy transition from fossil fuels
  • Build sustainable energy infrastructure and components
  • Participate in improving efficiency and reduction of pollution
  • Focus on technological innovation including electrification, batteries, and storage
  • Develop or utilize alternative fuels

Over time, the fund may also invest in green bonds, ETFs, and funds or limited partnerships.

Nicola Wealth is constantly expanding their investment offerings to present clients with the opportunity to access asset classes normally reserved for institutional investors. With the addition of the Nicola Sustainable Innovation Fund, Nicola Wealth continues to help align clients’ values with their investments for their future and the greater good.

About Nicola Wealth

Established in 1994, Nicola Wealth (nicolawealth.local) helps families and accomplished individuals across Canada build financial legacies with purpose, delivering the stability, security, and resources they need to focus on goals and aspirations that extend beyond wealth.  The firm manages over $6.4 billion in assets, providing portfolio diversification well beyond stocks and bonds, comprehensive and integrated wealth planning, and consistent and stable returns.

This investment is generally intended for tax residents of Canada who are accredited investors. Some residency restrictions may apply. Please see your Nicola Wealth advisor to discuss the risks of this fund including terms of redemption and limited liquidity. All investments contain risk and may gain or lose value. Nicola Wealth is registered as a Portfolio Manager; Exempt Market Dealer and Investment Fund Manager with the required provincial securities commissions. Please speak to your Nicola Wealth advisor for advice based on your unique circumstances. 


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