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The Nicola Wealth Internship Experience: Mitchell Robinson

Mitchell Robinson shares his experience as a Wealth Planning Associate intern.
Mitchell Robinson originally joined the firm in May 2021 as a Wealth Planning Associate Intern before transitioning to Wealth Planning Associate. We spoke to him about his experience in the internship program at Nicola Wealth.





What advice would you give to someone doing an internship at Nicola Wealth?

Take it all in. You’re going to be surrounded by so many intelligent, talented and driven individuals. The firm’s culture is exceptional; it is the perfect place to grow personally and professionally. I can’t think of a better place to begin a career in wealth management.

What was the highlight of the experience for you?

The highlight of the experience for me was getting to work under multiple teams. Typically, once you’re a full associate, you work under one advisory team, which usually collaborates with a few other teams. But as an intern, you have endless learning potential. In my internship, I got to work with and assist multiple teams, which also created terrific exposure opportunities to find your mentors and learn about all facets of planning and management.

What training did you receive as a Nicola Wealth intern?

The training that Nicola Wealth offered me as an intern was exceptional. Beyond the standard associate training time, you can choose to take an extended period to complete the internship program. These extra weeks allow you to solidify that robust foundation of skills needed to excel in the associate role. In addition, once you begin working with teams, the tasks and duties you are responsible for are well-curated and matched with your training, so you never feel like you are underprepared. o

For those wishing to transition into a full-time associate role after the internship, you have all the skills and training needed to hit the ground running and immediately add value to whatever advisory team you assist.

At Nicola Wealth we value our people. Individual growth and development within this program are top priorities for us. As a member of the Internship Program, you will be a part of our Wealth Planning Associates (WPA) team, learning from our Wealth Advisors.

The WPA team is a diverse group of high-achieving individuals who have a mutual goal of supporting each other through challenges to achieve both individual and team success.