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The Nicola Wealth Internship Experience: Makayla Hawthorne





Makayla Hawthorne joined our Kelowna office in May 2021 as a Wealth Planning Associate Intern before transitioning in January 2022 to Wealth Planning Associate.





Were you nervous before your first day? What did you do to prepare?

Before my first day at Nicola Wealth, I was a little nervous about the virtual onboarding and if I would have the ability to ask questions and get a quick answer. However, I was relieved as the virtual onboarding went seamlessly, and I was able to ask questions with an almost immediate response.

To prepare for my first day, I worked with our IT department to ensure that technology and everything else was fully operational. I also connected with colleagues at the firm on LinkedIn to build rapport and make sure I would have people to talk with and ask questions when needed.

What training did you receive as a Nicola Wealth intern?

The training for the internship role was similar to that of a Wealth Planning Associate (WPA). The difference was that it was more spaced out and completed over 6-8 weeks, giving us time to absorb what we were learning.

We had training videos and virtual training sessions with WPAs and our managers. First, we would watch the videos and understand the content before the training session, and then we would watch real examples during the session and ask questions.

After the basic training, we were each assigned to three different advisory teams. The exposure to the various teams allowed us to understand the processes, workflow, and unique working styles of different advisors and WPAs.

What was the highlight of the experience for you?

For me, the highlight of the experience was working with three different advisory teams and the mentorship that came from it. The variety allowed me to learn best practices from each group and combine them into my unique style. Additionally, it resulted in immense professional and personal growth and solid relationships with colleagues.

What advice would you give to someone doing an internship at Nicola Wealth?

My advice to anyone starting an internship at Nicola Wealth would be to take as much in as possible while asking questions. There are infinite opportunities for learning and mentorship, and everyone wants you to succeed and advance in your position. Asking questions helped me feel confident in the role and obtain more financial planning knowledge than I could have ever thought was possible in 8 months.

At Nicola Wealth we value our people. Individual growth and development within this program are top priorities for us. As a member of the Internship Program, you will be a part of our Wealth Planning Associates (WPA) team, learning from our Wealth Advisors.

The WPA team is a diverse group of high-achieving individuals who have a mutual goal of supporting each other through challenges to achieve both individual and team success.