Nicola Wealth goes to Kanambu Ecuador

In November 2016, Executive Director Wayman Crosby visited Kanambu Ecuador to see what Nicola Wealth could do in the community.

Since then Nicola Wealth has committed to sponsor the community, through WE Charity, focusing on building classrooms, engagement in school and clean water projects.

Over the past two years, our support has enabled WE Charity to:

    • Build classrooms in the village


    • Implement the Clean School Program
      • Ensure cleanliness of the school spaces inside and out
      • Build a school garden near the classroom to teach students about agricultural practices
      • Implement a recycling program at the school
      • Provide prizes for the students

    • Create workshops such as:
      • Healthy living and exercise
      • Girls’ leadership
      • Summer school programming

On October 13, we will be sending a team of employees to live, work and learn from the community of Kanambu Ecuador, to build relationships and further tailor our programs to meet the needs of the amazing people there.

Wayman Crosby writes as he looks back on his experience;

The WE team is talented, dedicated and passionate about the work, and local leaders in Kanambu are committed to contributing both financially and with labour. I really liked the positive energy and attitudes as I met with leaders in Kanambu and the vision they have for their community. A key moment was witnessing the concept of “Minga,” which in Ecuador means people working together. This is embraced as part of their culture and is a key part to how their community functions

Stay tuned as our team brings back updates from their trip in the new few weeks.