National Post Special Edition: Entrepreneur of the Year - Nicola Wealth

National Post Special Edition: Entrepreneur of the Year

Pacific Region Entrepreneur of the Year Winners

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Category: Professional/financial services
Winner: John Nicola, CEO/chairman
Company: Nicola Wealth Management, Vancouver
Website: nicolawealth.local

In 1994, John Nicola founded an innovative wealth management firm, known today as Nicola WealthManagement, focusing on financial solutions for high-net-worth self-employed professionals, business owners and executives and their families.

Employing a holistic and integrated approach to wealth management, Mr. Nicola, with extensive experience in the financial services industry since 1974, determined that the guiding principal for the firm would be to build offerings “from our client’s perspective out.”

The company, which operates as an independent, feebased investment advisor, was an industry pioneer, being one of the first financial planning firms in Canada to operate on a fee-based platform. The firm manages over $1.5-billion in assets, has 50 employees, and offices in Vancouver and Kelowna.