Multi-Asset Portfolio Solutions

Serving the diverse needs of charities, foundations, endowments, Indigenous communities, and family offices.

How We Help

Nicola Wealth provides investment management services to charities, foundations, endowments, not-for-profits, Indigenous communities, and family offices. We employ an approach shared by some of the largest and most well-respected global pension funds, university endowments, and ultra-high-net-worth investors. This approach focuses on constructing bespoke, diversified portfolios for our clients, which include public equities and fixed income, as well as alternative asset classes such as private equity, mortgages, infrastructure, private debt, and institutional-grade real estate in Canada and the U.S.

We are dedicated to meeting the highest standards of service for our clients through comprehensive reporting, exceptional client service and relationship management, and robust corporate and investment governance. We employ an investment review board and investment committees in private capital, public assets, and real estate – these are composed of respected and experienced industry professionals, providing us an additional level of insight on our investment management, investment opportunities, conflicts of interest, and asset allocation.

Our Approach

We work collaboratively with our clients to help identify and understand their investment objectives. With access to private capital, real estate, and public markets through our proprietary investment vehicles, our objective is to provide clients with a diversified portfolio, beyond stocks and bonds, that is tailored to meet their needs.

Diversified Assets

Nicola Wealth funds are evergreen, aiming to provide clients liquidity, flexibility, and accessibility to investments, which include private and public assets, as well as real estate.

Nicola Wealth Private Capital

With a large portion of global growth occurring outside of the public markets, our investment strategies allow clients to benefit from unique opportunities not readily available to most investors, such as access to private businesses, commercial and residential mortgages, private lending, and infrastructure initiatives.

Nicola Wealth Real Estate

We have been investing in hard asset real estate for over 20 years – our in-house acquisition and asset management teams provide our clients with exposure to investment-grade commercial and multi-family properties in markets across Canada and the United States.

Nicola Wealth Public Assets

We invest in publicly traded North American and global equities, fixed-income investments, and sustainable innovation technologies.

Why Work With Us

We are well-regarded for our expertise, first-class service, and multi-asset approach to investing. Drawing from over 25 years of experience, we are skilled in crafting a sophisticated investment model and custom reporting that is tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

Access to Diverse Investments

Our portfolios diversify beyond publicly traded stocks and bonds. Nicola Wealth’s asset management teams invest in public assets, hard asset real estate, private equity, mortgages, private debt, infrastructure, and other alternative strategies.

Consistency and Stability

Our investment philosophy aims to mitigate risk and looks to grow assets strategically and deliberately over time. In effort to safeguard portfolios, we use broad diversification and focus on cash flow to target steady, reliable growth designed to meet your unique financial objectives.

Streamlined Investment Management

Nicola Wealth offers a comprehensive, full-service investment management solution that includes everything from experienced advice to consolidated reporting. Our team has investment experience in both private and public assets to improve portfolio diversification. We construct comprehensive portfolios featuring a diverse set of non-correlated asset classes. This level of diversification allows us to serve our client needs holistically and as a complementary partner, providing direct access to public and private investments. Our team will work with you to create a tailored solution and bespoke mandate to help meet your return objectives, minimize risk in your portfolio, and achieve your asset allocation and asset mix needs.

Governance and Oversight: High Level of Service

Nicola Wealth is dedicated to meeting the highest standard of service for our clients through comprehensive reporting, relationship management, and robust corporate, and investment governance. In addition, we employ an investment review board and investment committees in private assets, public assets, and real estate, composed of respected and experienced industry professionals. This provides us an additional level of insight on our investment management, investment opportunities, conflicts of interest, and asset allocation.

Track Record of Success

Founded in 1994, Nicola Wealth started with seven staff and $80M in assets under management (AUM). Since then, our company has grown to more than $12.5B in AUM with over 400 staff in six offices serving allocators and high-net worth families across Canada. We have received numerous awards, including Platinum standing as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies and being recognized as one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures.

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