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Max’s Mo Monologue

By Max Lane, Manager Advisory Services – Associates

Every year I have a tradition of stepping out of my comfort zone and into humility for a good cause: to raise funds for the Movember foundation.  My understanding of the impact of the Movember foundation started with cancer in my family.  In high school, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and when I was a teenager, we had very real conversations about a future without her. However, it was through funding for cancer research that allowed her to get access to a treatment called Herceptin, which helped her get past the disease.

A few years later, my stepfather (dad) was diagnosed with prostate cancer, but thanks to funding for prostate research, he could get a routine procedure and quickly move past the disease.  The power of fundraising was apparent and had a very real impact for me and my family.  The desire to help these programs inspired some of my first charitable donations and helped me run my first campaigns. Now, I have an annual budget to give to both the pink ribbon and, you guessed it, participate in Movember.

My first Movember moustache (pictured below) was grown for my dad shortly after his encounter with prostate cancer. It helped me to have conversations with other members of my family that I didn’t have before. I found that my uncles (one on each side) and grandfather also had private encounters with prostate cancer.

While I respected the privacy, it made me aware of the propensity for men to deal with these things on their own. The power of the moustache was obvious, it provided an opportunity to have great conversations that would normally be veiled behind some remnant of toxic masculine culture. I now saw the impact that the Movember movement was having. It became an antidote to the “stiff upper lip” attitude that was getting in the way of healthy conversations and positive relationships. It is much more than just a moustache; it is about being part of a movement to help men open up to others about their struggles to heal and move on.

I first led a Movember team in Ottawa, Ontario where I began my journey into leading fundraising campaigns. In 2018 I moved to Vancouver and was fortunate enough to find a position at Nicola Wealth, a firm that shared many of my values, including supporting Movember. Nicola Wealth had their own Movember team, the Nicola Wealth Moustacheers, who were consistently one of the highest corporate fundraisers in Canada. As the co-captain of the Nicola Wealth Moustacheers, Movember has once again proven to be a great influence in my life as it has allowed me to continue supporting a cause I care about and has helped me find a place to grow my career that has alignment with who I am personally.

Now after many years of doing it, I am finding more and more benefits, especially surrounding conversations about mental health. Movember helped create a personal habit to annually check in on my own mental health and to be mindful of my habits as the winter months loom. I have a goal to run 60km in the month of November to reflect on the 60 men we lose to suicide across the world each hour (Movember, 2022). It is a dark reminder of the severity that comes with mental health issues and helps remind me to take care of myself. The other Movember Moustacheers’ and their journey motivate me to keep going on days when all I want to do is quit. Every year I hope to be a similar inspiration for just one person by showing that I can be in the trenches with them and support them in their own personal health battles, whatever they may be.

For many men, Movember is their first foray into fundraising, and in a sense, it was for me too. Apart from a few runs for the cure, I have never had such an immersive team fundraising experience. The teamwork, drive, and inspiration that I take from campaigning for a cause close to my heart keeps me coming back each year to shave down and grow my bad moustache. The amazing impact of the Movember foundation in my community and communities across the world is further proof that this is a cause to get behind. I hope to have more members join the team this year to take part, have fun, and feel as inspired as I do.

To support Max and the Nicola Wealth Movember Moustacheers team, learn more here.


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