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Keeping Track – David Chalmers

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New Job:
  Financial Advisor, Nicola Wealth Management

Employer:  Nicola Wealth Management

Old Job:  Financial Advisor, Rogers Group Financial

Quote:  “Buy Low Sell High”

Reading:  Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet

Worst Fear:  “Buying High and Selling Low”

Gadgets:  Just got an I pad but too busy to play with it;  I like my kindle

Education:  Degree in English Literature (U of T) plus 5 Financial Industry designations (so many letters after my name people call me David Letterman)

First Job:  Delivering the Globe and Mail, age 10

Original Aspiration:  My parents wanted me to marry Princess Anne so I could be a member of the royal family

Role Model:  Alex Burrows; he works hard

Born:  London England 1950

Number of Emails a day:  100 +

Number of voicemails per day: 10+

Social Networking:  No

Essential Website:  Google, so I can find everything

Best Perk:  Any time spent with my wife or children

Sports Hobbies:  Play guitar (okay)  and hockey (poorly)

Last Conference:  Institute of Advanced Financial Planning (IAFP) in Banff

Career Objective:  To continue helping people optimize their retirement income