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John Nicola Answers Your Tax Questions: Donating Appreciated Shares to Charity

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In his webinar on November 2, 2021, CEO & Chairman, John Nicola, provided exclusive insight into Canada’s taxation environment and explained how to optimize your tax planning strategy in light of current regulations and took the time to answer viewer questions. Each week, we will publish his answers to your questions.

How likely is a change in the current position where one can donate appreciated shares to a charity and avoid capital gains yet still get full charitable credit? Should one act now?


John’s Response:

I think that the heat the government would get from the entire philanthropic and charitable community would not be worth it.

The government tends to look at things in terms of expenditure, for example when they consider RSP issues they ask themselves how much income tax they are losing due to people making RSP contributions? The tax cost of gifts to charitable organizations, like appreciated shares, is really like a rounding error. If the government were to implement a change in their current position, the charities would be making the point that they are doing critical work in their communities, especially during the pandemic, and that this capital is needed to continue their work. So, I don’t think the government wants to go there. 


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