Performance figures for each account are calculated using time weighted rate of returns on a daily basis. The Composite returns are calculated based on the asset-weighted monthly composite constituents based on beginning of month asset mix and include the reinvestment of all earnings as of the payment date. Composite returns are as follows:

Nicola Wealth’s New Thought Leadership Blog: Outside the Box

Everything we do at Nicola Wealth is guided by our five core values; we are driven, we share the pie, we are innovative, we are collaborative, and we care. As such, we are excited to introduce Nicola Wealth’s new Outside the Box Blog, based on these five core values. On a weekly basis, our blog will be updated with timely thought leadership content that showcases our commitment to these values, inspires and brings you into our world and our thinking.

Working with a local artist in Vancouver, we created five images to illustrate each of our core values. Keep reading to understand the story behind each image, and click-through to read posts related to each core value.


The basis of this concept is a checkered flag, implying that Nicola Wealth pushes to be the best and finishes first. The shapes are extruded to give a sense of growth and acceleration which ties into thoughts of the industry – think “city skyline” and bar graphs.

Share the Pie

We Share the Pie Blog Post
Drawing from the silhouette of an exploded pie graph, this replaces the “slices” with cones, implying growth in each segment. The outward force gives a sense of excitement about sharing.


“Rounding the Square” illustrates creative problem-solving. The idea of outside-the-box thinking in order to fit a square peg into a round hole. The shapes are shifted apart to imply agility, quick-thinking, and adaptability.


We Are Collaborative Blog Image
Stairs come together to represent collaboration with others, we are only able to reach new heights through teamwork and cooperation.


We Care Blog Image
A blend of caring concepts, the pieces circulating around the sphere represent Nicola Wealth protection, support, and care of our people, our clients, and our communities.