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Inspiring the Next Generation through Volunteerism

By Max Lane, CIM CFP
Manager, Advisory Services – Associates | Client Relationship Manager

A colleague told me that donating to charity makes you feel like you have more money, and volunteering your time makes you feel like you have more time. Initially, I started volunteering with Junior Achievement to practice my public speaking and provide a resource for financial literacy that I never had when I was in school. The first few programs I delivered had me in front of grade school classes, teaching them the basic financial literacy missing from the school curriculum. The students were excited when I was presenting, and their energy, in turn, fed my enthusiasm for the content. They were engaged, asked thought-provoking questions, and had a raw curiosity that showed genuine interest. I was hooked.

I signed up for more programs to deliver at other schools and discovered that I was naturally good at it. Providing students with the lessons I wish I had been taught fulfilled me and ignited a passion for teaching financial literacy to my community that burns to this day. Ultimately, the people at Junior Achievement recognized my newfound skills and passion and asked me to deliver their “Company Program.” In this program, students develop a product, elect a leadership board, create share capital, produce the product, sell their product, liquidate their company assets, and payout the profits to shareholders. I have recently finished delivering this program for my 8th time in two provinces (Ontario and British Columbia) and can’t wait to volunteer again next year.

The company program is different from year to year, as the students develop the product idea, production, and marketing on their own. Companies can be wildly successful, and the students decide to continue the company well after the program ends in April. One of the student companies I mentored has continued since last year, and they recently had an article published about their success in the Vancouver Sun.

As a mentor, I can advise students on navigating the program. However, I have found the secret to success as a leader is to let them take control and steer them away from common pitfalls. Mentoring in this style, leading from the back, and trusting the students to drive the program forward have been the most successful by far and large. The students feel more ownership, gain confidence, and grasp the realization that they have the power to succeed. This starts a flywheel effect where they get to try something new, grow trust in themselves and learn how it can lead to success. I have brought this leadership style to my profession as a manager at Nicola Wealth.

Junior Achievement provides a safe environment for students to practice their entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and work readiness. I was not expecting that it would also give me a safe space to learn how to lead, practice public speaking, and give back to my community. Donating time and money to a cause has helped me realize what I was genuinely passionate about. It shifted my perception of value and aligned me with a community that shares my passion. I am hooked.