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Giving Is For Today – Spring 2018

By Victoria Emslie

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NICOLA WEALTH MANAGEMENT HAS ALWAYS STRIVED to be an active member of our communities, both locally and internationally — not only as a company but also in how we facilitate our staff and clients’ philanthropic goals. This newsletter is intended to inspire the culture of giving through sharing client stories and highlighting charities and causes. Collectively, we maximize the impact of our individual efforts and initiate change.



Our clients are as PASSIONATE about MAKING CHANGE as we are. Meet one of our clients and hear their story.

Have you ever spoken to someone and walked away feeling compelled to take action? This is sure to be the case after a brief interaction with Dotty Kanke. This woman embodies the true meaning of giving back. Many people know her from her past as a local restauranteur, but more and more are coming to recognize Dotty from her hands-on approach to supporting local causes. Get ready to be inspired…




I grew up in a family where charitable giving was always part of our lives. My dad was on the Board of Directors of both the BC Children’s Hospital and The United Way. By the time I was six years old, I was helping my mom with church events, helping with Meals on Wheels deliveries, and visiting seniors’ communities. The importance of service and giving was taught in our home, which also served as a drop-in centre for kids in need who could use support and guidance. Our home often hosted these kids who could stop by and access many recreational resources such as bikes and a trampoline.




Bud and I give back in a similar way. We’ve used our Kanke Seafood Restaurants (11 in total) to host fundraising events which we made possible with seeding funding from our Ascension Foundation. From 1987 until we sold our restaurants, I raised over $3 million for various charities.

I am a tue believer in the more you give the happier you become. i credit my years of charitable giving and fundraising for much of my current happiness.




What I am most excited about is about giving locally, to causes involving kids. Give at-risk children the tools to help them develop into successful adults is so important.




I’m not the dress up and go to a gala to write a cheque type of gal. I used to do that but now I insist on knowing exactly where my money goes, then I fight for it.

I really like to get involved and am very hands-on in fundraising. I’m learning that it’s really not that usual for someone to be so involved on the front-lines, but I enjoy the immediacy of results as I get to know a charity on a grass-roots level. I work the front-lines at charity events, donor tours, and information sessions. I spend long hours researching charities and foundations and reach out to potential donors. This way, I get to know the organization intimately and build relationships and trust with them to the point where they’ve given me the autonomy to drive my own programs.

By helping the charity on a personal level, I can inspire others to care and give. I like to create teams of like-minded volunteers. I value their time and commitment and treat them with the respect they so deserve.




I always go deep. I choose charities where the need is great and where I think I can have the most effect. I learn all about the charity and work best with ones that are not drowning in red tape and where the funds go directly to the cause and not administration.

With a background in business, it can be frustrating to see dysfunctional organizations. I see a red flag when I walk into shiny new administrative offices of an organization when the facilities for their clients, those in need, are minimal.




Hands down, the Vancouver Firefighters Charities. Their teams are so engaged; not only do they volunteer countless hours of their time, but they participate in voluntary payroll donation program to help support their charities. The women and men within the Vancouver Firefighters organization give to many different initiatives around the city.

Personally, I am an advocate for their snack program and am constantly amazed by the impact that it continues to make on the kids in the Downtown Eastside as the program grows.




Since learning of Bud and my philanthropic interests, our advisor, Dylan Reece has personally supported our causes. Also, the Nicola Wealth Gives Back Committee has generously supported the Vancouver Firefighter Charities with a financial donation over the past few years. It’s nice to see that Nicola Wealth has a genuine interest in both corporate and individual charitable efforts.

When you give from your heart and not just your wallet, it opens your eyes to how connected we all are in this world.


Heart & Stroke Foundation

Today, you will see someone who is alive and healthy because of the Heart and Stroke Foundation and people like you. It could be the woman you pass on the street who suffered a stroke but was treated with the clot-busting drug we promoted to doctors. Or the hockey player whose heart stopped, yet who was saved because a bystander had received training from us on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and how to use the automated external defibrillator (AED) that we placed in that arena. Or the daughter, who saw our stroke warning signs campaign, recognized that her mother was having a stroke and called 9-1-1 — getting her to the hospital in time to limit brain damage.

For more than 60 years, the Heart and Stroke Foundation has been tangibly improving the health of Canadians.

Over the past 60 years, with Heart & Stroke’s help, the death rate from heart disease and stroke has declined by more than 75%. Despite decades of dramatic progress against heart disease and stroke, Canadians face new challenges today that are different, but no less compelling than those of 60 years ago.

This year in Canada, there will be an estimated 70,000 heart attacks, 40,000 cardiac arrests, and 62,000 strokes. Close to 70,000 Canadians die every year from heart disease and stroke – that’s one life taken every 7 minutes.

Canadians are living longer, but not necessarily in the good health, they may envision. On average, they’ll spend their final 10 years in sickness and disease. Canadians have the power to change this because 80 percent of premature heart disease and stroke is preventable. We need your support now more than ever, to help us save and improve even more lives. Perhaps yours. Perhaps someone you love. Perhaps, someone, you will see today.


Ms. Understood

Heart and Stroke has turned its attention to closing the gap between men and women’s heart health. We have known for years that women experience cardiovascular disease differently than men do – though women are still the minority in research trials.

The Heart & Stroke Foundation released their 2018 Heart Report to unveil the differences between men and women’s heart health.

Women’s hearts are victims of a system that is ill-equipped to diagnose, treat and support them.

Too many women are unnecessarily suffering and dying from heart disease. They have been left behind because they are under-researched, under-diagnosed, and under-treated, and under-supported during recovery. It is shocking we are only beginning to understand women’s hearts, and gains in knowledge are so slow to reach the bedside. What we do know highlights a stark reality:

  • Heart disease is the leading cause of premature death for women in Canada (dying before reaching their expected lifespan).
  • Early heart attack signs were missed in 78% of women.
  • Every 20 minutes a woman in Canada dies from heart disease.
  • Five times as many women die from heart disease as breast cancer.
  • Two-thirds of heart disease clinical research focuses on men.
  • Women who have a heart attack are more likely to die or suffer a second heart attack compared to men.

“Heart & Stroke is committed to closing these gaps, so we better understand why heart disease affects women so profoundly”, says Yves Savoie, CEO, Heart & Stroke, Canada.

The Heart & Stroke 2018 Heart Report focuses on why we still struggle to untangle and apply new knowledge about women and heart disease, and why some women – Indigenous women, ethnically diverse women, women living in poverty, and women in remote and rural locations – often face even greater inequities.

We invite you to read our full Heart Report on our website:

How to Effect Change

The question remains: What should we (you) do to ensure you’re taking care of your heart health?

Do you tend to look after everyone else before you take care of yourself?

In order to take charge of your own heart health, Heart & Stroke invites you to:

  • Take a few minutes to learn about your own risks.
  • Trust your instincts. If something concerns you, tell your doctor.
  • Learn the signs of heart attack so that you can get help fast.

The Heart & Stroke Foundation has made it easy for you to assess your risks and talk to your doctor about your concerns. Please visit

The vision for women’s heart health

Heart & Stoke is committed to closing these gaps, so we better understand why heart disease affects women so profoundly. Our vision is healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke. Together we will make it happen.


Nicola Wealth Management values the role companies play in making the world a better place. The Nicola Wealth Gives Back Charitable Committee is a board of Nicola Wealth staff, management, and spouses committed to developing and fostering a culture of giving. The Committee acts as facilitators for employees and partners to succeed with their charitable goals thereby giving back to the world in meaningful ways.

Spring 2018 Update

2018 is off to a strong start for the Nicola Wealth Gives Back Committee! We have lots of exciting programs on the go this year and we are pleased to share them with you.

Over the coming months, we have many volunteer opportunities planned for our staff, advisors, and families. On May 10th we will be heading to the Greater Vancouver Foodbank, and on June 21st our volunteer team will be heading Richmond to put in some physical labour in at the Sharing Farm, a community member-run facility growing fresh and healthy produce to feed local families in need.

On June 25th, we will be sending the whole squad of volunteers over to Point Grey Golf Club for the Nicola Wealth Management Invitational to Benefit
Arts Umbrella. This annual tournament raises funds for Arts Umbrella programs and our committee is pleased to share that we will be making a $20,000
donation to the Arts Umbrella Bursary Fund to help children who cannot otherwise afford this world-class programming.

In October 2018, we will be sending a group of our most involved volunteers to a WE project that we support in Ecuador! This insight trip is sure to spread the culture of giving back within our firm and we will be sure to share photos and stories from the trip when they return.
These are just a few of our updates so far this year. Stay tuned for updates!