Giving Is For Today – Summer 2016 Edition

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Nicola Wealth Management has always strived to be an active member in our communities, locally and internationally – not only as a company but also in how we facilitate our staff and clients’ philanthropic goals. 

This newsletter is intended to share the charitable initiatives NWM is involved in as a firm while inspiring the culture of giving through sharing some NWM client stories as well as educating our readers by highlighting feature charities and causes. 

Collectively, we maximize the impact of our individual efforts and initiate change.

NWM Gives Back Update:

Nicola Wealth Management values the role companies play in making the world a better place. The Nicola Gives Back Charitable Committee is a collection of NWM staff, management and spouses committed to developing and fostering a culture of giving. The committee acts as facilitators for employees and partners to succeed with their charitable goals thereby giving back to the world in meaningful ways.


NWM Gives Back & The Canuck Place Adventure Race


NWM Gives Back is proud to support Canuck Place Children’s Hospice (CPCH). Canuck Place is an internationally recognized leader in the field of pediatric palliative care. Providing care, comfort, and compassion to BC children with life-threatening conditions and their families.

NWM has teamed up with Canuck Place on numerous events over the years and has recently chosen to support CPCH by participating in the annual Canuck Place Adventure as the Finish Line Sponsor. The Race is a particularly fun event for the whole family; everyone can get involved! The adult and teen races consist of a bike ride, a run and a kayak portion. The kids’ race includes an obstacle course where whoever has the most fun, wins!

In 2015, NWM participants worked diligently to raise pledges during the months leading up to the Adventure Race. With help from a donation matching commitment made by Claire and John Nicola and some generous NWM advisors, the NWM team raised a grand total of $20,300 to support the complex and critical care needed for the Canuck Place children and their families.

This month NWM Gives Back officially kicks off their Adventure Race campaign with a firm-wide information session. In addition to bolstering each participant’s fundraising efforts, the group plans training and fundraising initiatives in preparation for the Fall event, starting now! Participants, volunteers and NWM friends can take part in various excursions leading up to the big day. Kayak practice, run club and indoor cycling classes are just some of the fun ways NWM prepares.

This year’s Adventure Race will be on Sunday, September 18th. Registration is now open online HERE.


Feature Charity: Canuck Place Children’s Hospice

Established in 1995, Canuck Place is Canada’s first free-standing children’s hospice. The Canuck Place facilities are places of comfort and compassion where children can experience the simple joy of being a child, with their families there to support them.

Canuck Place offers much more than just end-of-life care, they also offer: medical respite, pain symptom management, mobile clinical care, perinatal care, and grief and loss counselling for parents and siblings.

The best way to truly see the importance and impact of Canuck Place’s work is to connect with those who have experienced the program firsthand.


Meet Michaela Evanow. Michaela and her husband Jason are proud parents of their first child, Florence Marigold. At only four months old, Florence was diagnosed with Type 1 Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a terminal genetic disease that upsets nerves and muscle development. SMA left Florence completely physically dependent, without the ability to speak or move on her own. You can imagine how this can change the lives of these new parents. Their little girl would require 24-hour care and they needed help from Canuck Place.

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice welcomed Florence and her family into their program in October 2013, providing medical respite care. Within the program Florence was able to visit Canuck Place to receive specialized nursing care and recreational therapy while Michaela and Jason were able to enjoy a short reprieve from their demanding new role as parents to their fragile child.


For parents, Canuck Place serves as a comfortable, home-like refuge to escape from all the stress and exhaustion that comes with caring for a child with a life-threatening illness. Not only were the Evanows able to love and care for Florence without the
burden of preparing meals, but they were even able to sneak away to enjoy a rare date night, just the two of them.

Inevitably, the day came that Michaela and Jason had to say goodbye to Florence Marigold. It was the day before Mother’s Day 2015 when SMA took Florence’s ability to sit up, use her muscles, eat and in the end, breathe. Florence passed away within the walls of Canuck Place, surrounded by marigolds, and with her loving parents by her side.

The team at Canuck Place guided Florence and her family through the most heartbreaking moments of their lives, while allowing their dignity and assisting their comfort throughout. Michaela and Jason were in an environment where they were free to grieve their little girl.

“After your medically fragile child dies, the life you once knew comes to an end. The medical care, the familiar faces of those doctors and nurses, the checkups, the daily routine. Everything changes, except Canuck Place. Our child may not receive care there anymore, but we still do,” Michaela shares.

Even after Florence’s time at Canuck Place, her family stays connected. Their memories and Florence’s legacy lives and grows at Canuck Place. Michaela and Jason are welcome to visit Canuck Place; their son is able to play in the same gardens that were home to his sister in her final days. The family participates in the bereavement program where they are given grief and loss counselling. Together with other Canuck Place families, they are encouraged to share their stories, work through their emotions, and preserve their children’s memories. Canuck Place continues to support the family by connecting them with others who have lost children, at the house, and through the organization’s special events.

For the Canuck Place families, Canuck Place Children’s Hospice is more than just a care facility, it’s a community. 

Private Giving Foundation Q&A

Our clients are as PASSIONATE about MAKING CHANGE as we are. Meet one of our clients and hear their story.



A   As a dentist, providing dental care to patients around the world is the best way I know how to help. However, after treating thousands of patients throughout Central and South America, I grew frustrated seeing communities struggle to obtain the necessities of life. Preventable illness, chronic disease and death run rampant in drought stricken areas where I’ve volunteered. I quickly learned that water is life.

Aside from health factors, women and children in these areas are often forced to walk to the closest water well, which can often be several kilometers away, multiple times per day. As a result, women do not work and children cannot attend school.

Access to fresh, clean water helps these people and can completely change the sustainability of a community.

In 2015, I teamed up with a charity based out of Edmonton called Change for Children and started the Quench Initiative. The mandate of Quench is to provide sustainable water systems to people that need it most. To date, the Quench Initiative has drilled eight water wells in northwestern Nicaragua and provided thousands of people with access to fresh, clean water.


A   I’ve seen and felt firsthand our ability to change someone’s day, someone’s now, and someone’s forever. If you see this once and truly feel the impact you have, no motivation to give is necessary. For me, I don’t feel like I’m donating money to a charity, I feel like I’m sharing in growth of a community, and that is extremely satisfying.

Throughout my travels, I’ve grown to not only understand how provileged we are, but have gained an insight in humanity. I truly believe everyone has something to give; it’s just about channeling that energy into action.


A    For me, a few factors come into play when approaching my giving strategy. First, my ability to provide villages with access to water relies on a collaborative effort since I cannot do it alone. Also, as a business owner, I need to be conscious of making donations with the most tax-efficient strategies possible.

Like most of us, I want to maximize my charitable contributions. I have chosen to make annual contributions to the NWM Private Giving Foundation (PGF). PGF allows me to grow my donation dollars within their core portfolio, with minimal risk to the original capital in a tax-efficient manner for my business. It is truly a win-win scenario.

In closing, I am pleased to share that the growth in this portfolio, in only one year, has provided enough funds to drill its own water well without touching the original capital invested!

If you are interested in learning more about the NWM Private Giving Foundation or would like to share your story, please contact [email protected].