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Four Reasons Why I Love Being a Wealth Planning Associate at Nicola Wealth

From living in the Prairies in small-town Rosetown, Saskatchewan, to living in New York City studying at NYU, I have amassed myriad experiences and built a network of diverse individuals from all over the world. Throughout my journey, I’ve been lucky to encounter generous friends and colleagues, all of whom have shared their unique perspectives and spirit with me. But after joining Nicola Wealth, I’ve come to realize that no one does it quite like this company, especially when it comes to collaboration.  With true partnership as a foundation, here are the four reasons why I love being a Wealth Planning Associate at Nicola Wealth.

1. Nicola Wealth “Shares the Pie”

The company has grown substantially over the past few years and continues to do so. However, one thing has stayed the same and genuinely characterizes the company’s philosophy: to share the pie. Nicola Wealth is determined in its pursuit of success, which includes giving back to the community and its employees. Through Nicola Wealth Gives Back – our charitable initiative, firm sponsorships of non-profit causes, and rewarding its employees for their commitment to success, the company fosters a culture of giving.

2. The People Set You Up for Success

As a relatively new Wealth Planning Associate at Nicola Wealth, I dreaded making mistakes like many others who begin a new role. Yet, to my surprise, the peers and the advisors I work with used my mistakes as a teaching tool. We shifted the focus towards helping me understand them and, collaboratively, developing ways for me to improve. By having a supportive team, I was able to grow by taking on new challenges without the limiting thought of doing something wrong.

3. Mentorship

Mentorship has played a vital role in my career growth, and frankly, I didn’t understand the importance of having a good mentor until joining Nicola Wealth. I feel lucky to work closely with professionals who are eager, ambitious, and understand the importance of supporting people at different stages of their careers. Surrounded by teammates with a high-achieving mindset, I’ve found myself learning something valuable from each person I have crossed paths with, regardless of their seniority or experience. As I am in the early stages of growing my career, I am thankful to those who have provided guidance.

4. The Clients – It’s a Pleasure to Meet You

Over my time at Nicola Wealth as a Wealth Planning Associate, I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting with clients and am routinely inspired by each of them — something that easily allows me to provide the highest level of client service and motivates me to do my best.

If your goal is to develop a rewarding career in a client-centric environment, Nicola Wealth is an exciting place to work.

By Colton Yang 

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