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Five Reasons Sleep Can Be the Secret to Success

Too often, high-achieving people take the attitude, “I’m too busy to sleep” or “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” The latter may happen sooner than they think, according to Rick Tiedemann, Chief Abundance Officer of Calm Water Lifestyles and an evangelist for healthy rest.

People who get six hours of sleep a night or less have two to three times the risk of a heart attack as the general population, up to four times the risk of stroke and double the risk of cancer, Tiedemann shared with wealth advisor Ron Haik on the LEAD Impact podcast recently.

“Sleep is the No. 1 illness-prevention behaviour that you and I can exhibit on any given day,” he said. “Sleep deprivation is also the leading cause of motor vehicle fatalities.” Getting regular, adequate sleep — which Tiedemann pegs at 7.5 hours a night for most adults — has five essential benefits:

• It allows your immune system to do its work. It’s important for the production of natural immune compounds. It helps limit genetic mutations that can cause tumours to form, for example.

• As any serious athlete knows, it’s essential to the daily recovery of muscles, bones and the endothelial lining of your blood vessels.

• It’s the time when cerebral fluid flushes metabolic waste from your brain. Without that “dishwasher” action, we put ourselves at greater risk of cognitive decline.

• It allows our brains to consolidate memories and other inputs from the previous day, which improves our recall.

• It recalibrates the interplay between the amygdala, which governs emotions, and the prefrontal cortex, associated with logic. Our emotions therefore don’t get the upper hand.

While there exist medical conditions that can interfere with healthy sleep, the most common disruptors are behavioural — namely alcohol, caffeine and technology consumption. Tiedemann recommends corporate leaders observe a “technology fast” after 8 p.m. daily.

“We need to demonstrate the behaviours that are consistent with our circadian rhythms,” he said. Other habits conducive to restorative sleep include having a regular bedtime, keeping the bedroom cool and dark, and finishing eating three hours before hitting the hay.

The COVID-19 pandemic and working from home has served to exacerbate unhealthy sleep habits as people adopted “always on” work hours and scheduled video conference after conference, with no time for the spontaneous “joy bursts” that are part of office life. But Tiedemann, who turned to leadership and lifestyle coaching after a long and increasingly hectic career as a pharmaceutical executive, argues that engaging in a little self-care when the pressure’s on, including good sleep hygiene, will improve your workday performance just as taking rest seriously improves elite athletes’ performance.

“Understand the value of recovery,” he urged listeners.


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