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EVENT REPLAY: Women’s LEAD Toronto

On May 4th, Nicola Wealth hosted its inaugural Women’s LEAD event at The Royal Conservatory of Music in downtown Toronto, Ontario. Hosted by Danielle Skipp, Nicola Wealth’s Managing Director of Ontario & Chief Legal Officer, alongside Jessica Holmes, Comedian, Author & Mental Health Advocate, the evening featured a key-note speech from CEO & Founder of Knix, Joanna Griffiths, and an insightful Q&A session with performance coach and author Jim Beqaj.

“There are moments in life that leave an imprint that bring a smile to your face when you look back at them.

Last night’s Women’s LEAD presentation is one of those moments for me and my daughter.

Not only because the blue caramel chocolate bite was the best chocolate I have had in a long time or that the female athletes made me aware of a reality that broke my heart, but because the messages that came from Danielle Skipp, Jessica Holmes, Joanna Griffiths and Jim Beqai were not only inspiring but also healing.

Trying to teach a hard-working young woman about the power of failure, being true to yourself and doing things that affirm you are needed is definitely more effective through the craft of storytelling.

Everyone’s story was full of compassion, authenticity and held the ability to empower its listener to have faith when things are not going as planned.

Thank you to Nicola for organizing the event, for everyone telling their stories and making the world a better place!

My daughter was so happy she came, you put a smile on her face.” – Teresa F-C.

“This event was phenomenal; I will definitely be recommending future events to women in my network! The speakers were incredible, the venue was fantastic, and it was lovely to see and mingle with people again after the last two years. Thank you!” – Farialle P.

“The event had fantastic energy! It was inspirational, not to mention the calibre of the event was outstanding. Kudos to the entire team. Very impressed!” – Lucia L.

“I loved the mix of humour, content and inspiration. It was great to see a focus on female-founded companies through the speakers on stage and those featured in the food, fashion and cocktails!” – Jessica C. B.

“It was informative, inspirational as well as entertaining. It was well organized, well attended and overall a beautiful event.” – Linda O.