Estate Planning Assessment

A secure Estate Plan allows you to ensure that those you care about are taken care of once you pass away. Take the self-assessment to see if you are prepared and how you can ensure your legacy continues.

Do you have a will that has been updated since any situational changes (marriage, kids, divorce etc.)
Do you have an executor that lives in your jurisdiction who is willing and capable of performing the duties expected of them?
Are there currently any family dynamic issues that could affect your estate planning?
Have you communicated your wishes to your executor and your beneficiaries?
Have you considered or implemented the use of trusts (spousal trust, alter ego trust, testamentary) or secondary wills in your financial planning?
Have you made provisions for assets outside of Canada if you have any?
Have you made provisions for personal effects (items with sentimental value) through a letter of wishes?
Have you engaged in legacy planning to consider charities or causes you care about?
Is your estate optimized to minimize taxes?
Have you made provisions for any corporate structures that you may own?

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