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Charity x COVID-19: Opportunity International

At this time, there are many people and issues that require immediate attention. Charities have adjusted the way they operate on a daily basis and many have had to make significant shifts to fulfill their particular missions. Unfortunately, many charities may not weather this storm.  

Our intention with this series is to share updates from a spectrum of charitable organizations to garner attention and inspire support for those in need.  


Charity nameOpportunity International Canada 


Core purpose & mandate: By providing financial solutions and training, we empower people living in poverty to transform their lives, their children’s futures, and their communities. 

How is your organization impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic?

There is a two-part answer here: 

  1. Locally-we have reduced costs in travel, and yearly retreats. All of the staff worked remotely so we are actually set up quite well to continue operations in Canada 
  2. OIC supports economic activity and as we are seeing in wealthy countries that is severely impacted, it is and will happen even more so in the countries we work in. As such we are trying to anticipate the need, and prepare to support our partners on the ground and also clients.  

Have and how have your fundraising plans changed?

Thanks for asking this question. The answer is yes and no. We want to continue to fund the projects we have embarked on in the countries we are working. Most of them have the same or increasing need, especially in building infrastructure to fund small business as we come out of the COVID crisis. In short, we have 3 priorities: 

  1. Continued contributions for our ongoing projects in supporting economic growth through microfinance like the project Megan and spoke about.
  2. We have created a $500K COVID fund. We are anticipating the need to support both our clients in the field and our partners as economic activity is suspended. 
  3. Continued contributions for the overhead of Opportunity Canada. We continue to operate in a lean form. 

If there is one story or message you would like to share with our community, what would it be? 

The need continues on all levels and we have the opportunity to help those in need. 

How can one support your organization most effectively? 

Continue to tell our story, take some time to learn more about the work of microfinance, continue to support the work of Opportunity International. 

Can donations be transferred electronically? If so, how? Donations online through our website.