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Charity x COVID-19: Face the Future Foundation

There are many people and issues that require immediate attention during these times of uncertainty. Charities have adjusted the way they operate on a daily basis and many have had to make significant shifts to fulfill their particular missions. Unfortunately, many charities may not weather this storm.  

Our intention with the Charity x COVID-19 series is to share updates from a spectrum of charitable organizations to garner attention and inspire support for those in need.


Charity name: Face the Future™ Foundation

Established: 1996

Core purpose & mandate:

  • We provide life-saving and life-changing facial plastic and reconstructive surgery for disadvantaged children and young adults with highly-complex facial deformities in developing countries.
  • We also build local capacity and enhance sustainability for advanced facial plastic reconstructive surgery through education and training of surgeons, nurses, and healthcare professionals.


How is your organization impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Covid-19 has resulted in the cancellation of one mission scheduled for April 2020 and our annual fundraising event, Chrysalis, that was to take place on May 28, 2020.  We are monitoring the trajectory of the virus as our upcoming missions in Ethiopia, Nepal, Rwanda, and Russia may also be impacted.  We are hopeful that our rescheduled fundraising dinner will take place at the Carlu on Thursday, May 27, 2021.


How have your fundraising plans changed?

Our fundraising dinner is our major annual campaign.  With having to reschedule it to May 2021, we are relying on the support of loyal donors who we continue to engage with through regular email updates. Additionally, with the support of organizations such as Nicola Wealth, our charitable mission is reaching new audiences.


If there is one story or message you would like to share with our community, what would it be?

We are living during a momentous and transformative world event. One of the most interesting aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic is that while it continues to isolate and divide individuals, communities, and countries, it is also proving to be a unifying force to draw humanity together. I believe we are all still struggling to learn the lessons of the day and how we will utilize them to make the future world a better place.

Each of us can choose to play a role that will influence the outcome of this event. I believe that the medical, economic, political, and social impacts will play out for years to come. As responsible members of our communities, I believe we should each take this opportunity to determine how we can contribute to effect positive societal changes at home and abroad.

“As a butterfly flaps its wings…”  What each of us does can have a great impact. This is what we at Face the Future Foundation are doing when we provide hope – one child at a time with our life-saving and transformative reconstructive and facial plastic surgery in developing countries.


How can one support your organization most effectively?

For those wishing to support the humanitarian medical missions that we perform to help those with highly-complex facial deformities, donations can be made by visiting our website


Can donations be transferred electronically? If so, how?

Donations can be made through the Foundation’s website – or by calling 416-686-9110.