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Announcing Danielle Skipp as Managing Director, Ontario

We are closing in on what will be a remarkable year for our company over many different metrics. We have welcomed new colleagues, new teams, new clients, and recently crossed the $11 billion AUM threshold. Our collective dedication to the firm’s goals and our commitment to becoming the gold standard in wealth management is very clear and inspiring.

A key aspect to our continued growth plans includes increasing our presence east of British Columbia and notably in Toronto and Ontario as a whole. With this in mind, we opened a larger mid-town Toronto office at 175 Bloor at the start of 2020 and now have satellite offices in Toronto’s Financial District and Vaughn, ON.

We now have 63 people working from our Ontario offices, including a group of 30 at Blackwood Partners Toronto. Our Toronto Group represents numerous teams within our organization: advisory services, client services, operations, asset management, legal governance & compliance and real estate.

The Ontario market presents a compelling opportunity for Nicola Wealth, and we are making the necessary preparations to pursue greater market share, effectively building our brand, and ultimately establishing Nicola Wealth as a pillar in Canadian wealth management, from coast to coast.

With this in mind, I am delighted to announce the appointment of Danielle Skipp into a new role as Managing Director, Ontario. Danielle will also continue to act as our Chief Legal Officer. We have bold ambitions to expand our Toronto Group across all of the company’s functional groups, providing the foundation of skilled professionals we need to serve a growing client base. In her leadership role, Danielle is excited about uncovering amazing talent to join our company and passionate about nurturing a sense of culture and team for the Toronto Group, separated physically from their west coast colleagues but culturally connected, and pursuing the same vision. Danielle is a member of our Senior Leadership Team and well-positioned to bring the Toronto voice Canada-wide.

With Danielle’s infectious energy and devotion to building our corporate culture in Ontario and outside of British Columbia, I am confident we will be celebrating our collective achievement to expand Nicola Wealth east of British Columbia for years to come.

On behalf of the Senior Leadership Team, we would like to congratulate Danielle. This appointment is well deserved, and we are excited to see our Ontario team grow.



John Nicola
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer