Advisory Services Internship Program

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Accelerate Your Growth

At Nicola Wealth we value our people. Individual growth and development within this program are top priorities for us. As a member of the Internship Program, you will be a part of our Wealth Planning Associates (WPA) team, learning from our Wealth Advisors.

The WPA team is a diverse group of high-achieving individuals who have a mutual goal of supporting each other through challenges to achieve both individual and team success.

Your Path to Success

Program Journey

Step 1

Building a foundation
The first step to your program will be building the foundation with a comprehensive introduction to Nicola Wealth and our processes.

Step 2

Learning the fundamentals of the WPA role
The second step is to understand the fundamentals of a career as a Wealth Planning Associate, including an introduction to the tools we use in the financial planning and investment management process. You will also gain a solid understanding of cash flow, retirement, estate and tax planning, and how we successfully integrate these strategies into our client's financial plans to help preserve and grow wealth.

Step 3

Integrating knowledge and skills
After completing your program, you will be matched with an Advisory Team and an assigned Wealth Planning Associate mentor to facilitate your transition to a career as a Wealth Planning Associate at Nicola Wealth.

As a team, we embrace the core values of Nicola Wealth in conjunction with the WPA team goals and values listed below.


1. The Success of our Clients

2. Mutual Respect and Collaborative Relationships

3. Hard Work, Innovative Problem Solving, and Continuous Self-Improvement

4. Initiative and Leadership


Training and Development continuous learning and growth for both technical and human skills

Boosting Work Performance technological improvements, ideas and improving workflow and processes

Strengthening Relationships between other teams in the firm and advisors

Supporting Each Other – peer to peer mentorship

Success Factors

  • Strong attention to detail
  • Consistency in output
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Strong communication (verbal, written)
  • Solutions based mindset
  • Positive, “can do” attitude
  • Curious and inquisitive
  • Asks great questions
  • Humility
  • Receptive to feedback with openness to change
  • Self-starter; resourceful
  • Team player
  • Ability to build rapport with our Advisory Team

Your Career at Nicola Wealth

This program will help you:

  • Understand the business and learn from the ground up
  • Meet leaders from other Nicola Wealth departments to gain exposure on how different functions of the business work together in supporting our clients
  • By providing intentional learning objective goals that are meaningful and structured to reflect the experience of the Wealth Planning Associate (WPA) role
  • Participate in ad hoc Advisory Services projects, committee work, Wealth Planning Associates Committee (WPAC) initiatives
  • Develop industry knowledge and enhance soft skills
  • Receive direct mentorship from members of Advisory Services
  • By supporting your career, professional and personal development

“Continuous growth, mentorship, and loyalty are values dear to my heart. Nicola Wealth’s culture cultivates growth organically while building internal mentorship dynamics. When it comes to loyalty, our client referral attributed growth, as well as the tenure of our advisory team, speaks for itself.”

Rana Ozturk, Wealth Planning Associate Intern

“I truly believe Nicola Wealth’s approach to financial planning and wealth management is unmatched, and that our objectives are perfectly and mutually aligned with those of our clients.”

Mitchell Robinson, Wealth Planning Associate Intern

“I was drawn to Nicola Wealth because of the outstanding reputation and continuous growth of the firm. More specifically, the corporate culture within the firm and how amazing of a team Nicola has.”

Makayla Hawthorne, Wealth Planning Associate Intern, Kelowna

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