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Women’s LEAD: The Unconventional Path to Leadership with Heather Claridge

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PostedFebruary 10, 2022

Episode Summary

Selena Woo, Vice President – Advisory Services, at Nicola Wealth, sits down with Senior Vice President – People & Culture, Heather Claridge, to discuss her path to leadership. Heather explains the importance of leading by example, building your employees up, how we can all be advocates in the workplace, and her vision for Nicola Wealth over the next five years.

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The Wealth Exchange

The Wealth Exchange podcast provides insight, innovation, and access to the experts on a wide range of topics affecting affluent families across Canada. Join our team of hosts as they sit down with leaders and changemakers from around the globe to discuss investing, leadership, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and more.

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Guest Bio

Heather Claridge

Heather Claridge is the Senior Vice President, People and Culture at Nicola Wealth. She has over 20 years of experience aligning people, systems and strategies to deliver exceptional employee experiences which achieve organizational success.

Over the course of her career, Heather has seen exponential growth in the organizations she has worked with through both organic growth and acquisition.

Heather holds an MA in Organization Design and Effectiveness and is a Certified Human Resources Practitioner (CHRP). When not working at Nicola Wealth, Heather mentors early-stage HR professionals and works with post-secondary students and new graduates to help them transition from campus to career.

About The Host - Selena Woo

Selena is Vice President, Advisory Services – Associates & Operations at Nicola Wealth. With over two decades in financial services, Selena brings passion and expert experience to her role at Nicola Wealth. Selena is involved with Junior Achievement, providing business education to youth, she is also a member of the Nicola Wealth Women’s Speaker Series’ Steering Committee, is the host for the Women’s LEAD Podcast, and is an active member of the Social Committee.

Click here for Selena’s Full Bio.


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