Better Business: From Flipping Burgers to $275 Million: Brian Paes-Braga’s Journey as an Entrepreneur


PODCAST December 3, 2020


Show Summary:

Mark Therriault is joined by Brian Paes-Braga, a successful entrepreneur, businessman and mental health advocate. At only the age of 32, Brian has already started and sold his company, Lithium X, for $275 million. A company he founded in 2015 when he was just 26 years old. Currently, Brian lives in the UK working on several business ventures.

In their conversation, Brian shares how he became such a successful entrepreneur, from working in fast food to dropping out of college and becoming a stockbroker, along with the pitfalls, challenges, and hardships that came along with dedicating so much of his life to business. He also offers his advice to other entrepreneurs on how they can set their company apart, push their vision and mindset forward, and find success.

Key Takeaways:

[:16] About today’s episode.
[:57] Why did Brian decide to move to London after selling Lithium X?
[5:35] How did Brian become a stockbroker after dropping out of college at age 20?
[12:51] Brian shares about his time as a stockbroker and how it gave him an introduction to the work of markets and finance.
[16:14] Brian shares how he first approached Frank Giustra about his concept for Lithium X in 2015 and the early days of its success.
[18:33] How Brian originally came up with the concept for Lithium X and what tipped him off that it would be a good direction to take.
[23:00] Brian walks listeners through the 2 ½ years of building Lithium X as CEO, their core mission and vision that set them apart from other companies, and key moments that really pushed them forward.
[29:45] Brian shares what he believes to be the key pieces in being able to make the right decisions with regards to pushing yourself and your business forward.
[34:25] Brian’s major realization after selling his business as 30.
[40:18] Has Brian’s direction changed in the last two years? What is he doing now and what is on his roadmap?


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Guest Bio – Brian Paes-Braga

Brian Paes-Braga is a Canadian entrepreneur, merchant banking executive, and philanthropist. Currently, he serves as Principal, Head of Merchant Banking at SAF Group, a leading structured credit, and merchant banking group which builds, invests, finances, and advises high growth companies as well as provides flexible and long-term capital solutions to public and private corporations while providing stable returns for investors through its structured credit arm.

For his full bio, visit: BrianPaesBraga.com

About The Host — Mark Therriault

Mark is a Financial Advisor and partner of Nicola Wealth — and host of the Investor Education and Why I Built It editions of The Wealth Exchange podcast.

As a member of the Nicola Wealth Planning Team since 2006, Mark has become a trusted advisor to his clients. He prides himself on providing an exceptional client experience while quarterbacking their financial affairs.

Mark earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics with a minor in Finance from the University of Calgary. He went on to secure his CFP designation and also completed the CIM, CSC, the B.C. Life Insurance License.

For his full bio, visit: NicolaWealth.com/Our-Team/Mark-Therriault




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