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Lead Impact: Moving the Needle on Lesser Known Areas of Healthcare with Dr. Alastair Younger

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PostedNovember 27, 2019

Episode Summary

Dr. Younger is an Orthopaedic Surgeon and Specialist at Footbridge Clinic and St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, BC. He is also a Professor at the University of British Columbia where he leads the Foot and Ankle Research Office.

Dr. Younger moves the needle with regards to health — not just in his own, direct work, but in his involvement in research and medical databasing which he has helped pioneer internationally. Orthopedic surgery is the largest surgical service in British Columbia — but this is not a well-known fact. Using new technology, he and those he works with, are improving patient outcomes meaningfully.

Dr. Younger builds a compelling case on why this area, in particular, deserves more attention. Tune in to hear more about Dr. Younger’s work in the areas of orthopedics, some of the incredible strides he has made in the space, the challenges he sees for both the patients and the clinics/hospitals looking to treat them, and how philanthropy can solve many of these issues and challenges.

Key Takeaways

About today’s episode.
Host, Ethan Astaneh, welcomes Dr. Alastair Younger to the podcast!
How did Dr. Younger first get involved with medicine? What has his career journey been like?
What brought Dr. Younger to North America?
How the space of orthopedics has evolved over the past few decades.
Dr. Younger provides some background on a recent article about a motorcycle accident that led to a transformational recovery by an orthopedic surgeon.
What are some of the challenges that patients and their families are facing as they try to seek care in the space of orthopedics?
What are some of the challenges patients might face in terms of diagnosing the issue, wait times, and treatment?
How Dr. Younger is helping move the needle in addressing these issues (especially in regards to wait times).
The challenges Dr. Younger has faced in addressing these issues.
By moving into this model with clinics, what are the benefits for hospitals?
Why can’t this model be easily blueprinted? What are some challenges in trying to blueprint this model?
Can philanthropy help solve a lot of these issues for what clinics need?
How can someone support these efforts or contribute specifically to the expansion of the Footbridge Clinic and St. Paul’s Hospital?
The importance of focusing on research in the space.
Dr. Younger leaves the podcast with some fantastic parting thoughts around the impact and value of giving towards the healthcare system.
Ethan Astaneh thanks Dr. Younger for joining the podcast as well as for his contributions in healthcare!

Mentioned in this episode

Footbridge Clinic

St. Paul’s Hospital

“B.C. motorcyclist who collided with deer walks again thanks to 3D-printed bone replacement,” by Pamela Fayerman (Vancouver Sun Article)

Footbridge Foundation

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Guest Bio

Dr. Alastair Younger

Dr. Alastair Younger is an Orthopaedic Surgeon. His areas of specialty are in joint replacement, foot, and ankle. Dr. Younger is also a tenure track professor at the University of British Columbia in recognition of his role as a researcher and teacher and is the head of the Distal Extremities division at the University of British Columbia. At the University of British Columbia, he leads the foot and ankle research office. He is also currently the President of the British Columbia Orthopaedic Association (BCOA).

Dr. Younger is active on many committees at the Canadian Orthopaedic Association and the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society and has been in practice for 21 years at St. Paul’s hospital where he initiated the foot and ankle program.

Dr. Younger has dedicated his research efforts into trying to improve the experience of surgery for patients by improving outcomes and reducing adverse events.

For his full bio, visit:

About The Host - Ethan Astaneh

Ethan is a Financial Advisor in the firm’s Vancouver office. He provides strategic advice to high net worth business owners, professionals and retirees, and offers his clients a wide range of financial services, including; retirement income planning, business succession and continuation planning, investment management, tax and estate planning, charitable giving, and intergenerational wealth transfer.

For his full bio, visit: nicolawealth.local/Our-Team/Ethan-Astaneh


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