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Lead Impact: Providing Lifesaving Support, Care and Research with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

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PostedOctober 22, 2020

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, Victoria Emslie, Manager of External Relations at Nicola Wealth speaks with Ryan O’Quinn, BC’s Regional Director of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC), to discuss the work they are doing to support patients and help find a cure for blood cancers. They are also joined by Pat Alexander, this year’s Honored Hero for the Vancouver 2020 Light the Night walk in support of the LLSC.

The work LLSC does is lifesaving. Not only do they provide patient care and support, but they drive fundraising for research across the country. With 137 different types of blood cancers, it is an understatement to say that the work that they do is incredibly critical. It involves specialized diagnosis, treatment, and approaches.

Together, Victoria, Ryan, and Pat discuss what the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada does, the many milestones that have been reached in the journey for the cure of blood cancers, and their incredible virtual event, Light the Night. Pat also shares his personal story of diagnosis and recovery, how he channels his own experience to help those who have been recently diagnosed, and the volunteer work he is doing with the LLSC.

Be sure to tune in for this episode to learn more about LLSC’s impact and how you can personally make a difference in others’ lives.

Key Takeaways

About today’s episode.
Victoria Emslie welcomes Ryan O’Quinn and Pat Alexander to the podcast!
Ryan gives an overview of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada.
Given the complexity of blood cancer diagnoses, is LLSC able to pair individuals that have similar diagnoses together through their First Connection Peer-to-Peer program?
Pat shares about his involvement in the First Connection Peer-to-Peer program.
Pat shares a particularly impactful experience from volunteering with the First Connection program that illustrates why it is so important.
Pat speaks about his experience when he was first diagnosed with cancer and the beginning of his treatment.
How do most patients access LLSC’s services or connect with the organization?
Pat shares more about his powerful cancer journey and treatment. He also explains what it means to be a self-advocate and how he learned to become one.
Ryan speaks about self-advocacy and how they support patients in this at LLSC.
Ryan tells the story of a specific patient they supported in self-advocating.
How LLSC is navigating the current environment with regards to fundraising.
How they are taking their event, Light the Night, virtual this year!
The goal for this year’s Light the Night fundraiser.
Pat shares about his participation in this year’s Light the Night event and what being an Honored Hero means to him.
Ryan extends an offer to listeners and shares how you can personally make a difference in supporting LLSC.
Victoria thanks Pat and Ryan for joining the podcast.

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Vancouver 2020 Light the Night Honored Hero: Pat Alexander

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The Blood Cancer Experience Podcast by LLSC

First Connection Peer-to-Peer program

“Faced with a terminal cancer diagnosis, he reached out for help and got it.” The Globe and Mail (LLSC & Barry Marchi article)

The Longlifers (Pat’s Light the Night fundraising team)

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Guest Bio

Victoria Emslie

Victoria is the Manager of External Relations at Nicola Wealth. In her role, she cultivates a comprehensive approach to the advancement of the firm’s priorities and promotes Nicola Wealth’s reputation as a trusted wealth counsel firm and top employer.

For her full bio, visit: nicolawealth.local/Our-Team/Victoria-Emslie

Ryan O’Quinn

Ryan O’Quinn is BC’s Regional Director of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. In his role, he recruits and actively supports senior volunteer ambassadors; oversees major gifts, foundation, and corporate contributions through grants/sponsorships; recruits, develops, provides leadership, directs, and coaches the regional team to ensure the successful implementation of the regional operational plan and vision; and much more.

For his full bio, visit:

Pat Alexander

Pat is a 68-year-old prairie farm boy who has loved living on the West Coast for the past 32 years. In December of 2010, he was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma with a rare variant called Cardiac Amyloidosis. Throughout his cancer experience, he became actively involved in self-advocating for support of medication that was covered by the province.

For his full story, visit:

About The Host - Ethan Astaneh

Ethan is a Financial Advisor in the firm’s Vancouver office. He provides strategic advice to high net worth business owners, professionals, and retirees, and offers his clients a wide range of financial services, including; retirement income planning, business succession, and continuation planning, investment management, tax and estate planning, charitable giving, and intergenerational wealth transfer.

For his full bio, visit: nicolawealth.local/Our-Team/Ethan-Astaneh

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