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Investing Matters: Cryptocurrency 101 with Mike Leung

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PostedMarch 16, 2022

Episode Summary

Investing Matters is a segment of the Wealth Exchange podcast hosted by Ethan Astaneh. In this segment, Ethan discusses planning topics, market commentary, general investing, and education on Nicola Wealth’s unique pool of funds with an array of featured guests.

Wealth Advisor, Ethan Astaneh, sits down with Mike Leung, Head of Corporate Strategy at Aquanow, to discuss the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency. In this episode, Mike explains why cryptocurrency came into existence, some of the risks associated with it, and what we may look forward to in terms of its use as an investment vehicle and its impact on moving technology into the new age.

Key Takeaways


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The Wealth Exchange

The Wealth Exchange podcast provides insight, innovation, and access to the experts on a wide range of topics affecting affluent families across Canada. Join our team of hosts as they sit down with leaders and changemakers from around the globe to discuss investing, leadership, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and more.

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Guest Bio

Mike Leung

Mike Leung is Head of Corporate Strategy at Aquanow, based in Vancouver and the leading digital assets infrastructure provider in Canada. Founded in 2018 by capital markets and technology professionals, Aquanow provides technical solutions that enable its financial services clients with the capabilities to offer their clients access to cryptocurrencies, whether it be for trading, payments, or investing. At Aquanow, Mike works on various corporate initiatives, including an investment management business launching soon to provide financial solutions for investors to participate in the crypto asset class.

Mike was previously a Portfolio Manager at Nicola Wealth from 2016 to 2019, where he oversaw Nicola Wealth’s fixed income investment strategies, including the structuring and launch of the Nicola Private Debt Fund. He started his career in finance in the late 1990s, as an equity derivatives trader for CIBC World Markets.

He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has a Masters degree in International Affairs from the Johns Hopkins School of International Affairs, and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia.

About The Host - Ethan Astaneh

Ethan is a Financial Advisor in the firm’s Vancouver office. He provides strategic advice to high net worth business owners, professionals, and retirees, and offers his clients a wide range of financial services, including; retirement income planning, business succession, and continuation planning, investment management, tax and estate planning, charitable giving, and intergenerational wealth transfer. Ethan is also the host for the Market Commentary segment of the Wealth Exchange podcast.

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