Hot Topic: Providing Comfort and Care to Children with Life-Threatening Illness, with Margaret McNeil, CEO of Canuck Place


PODCAST March 20, 2019


Show Summary

This episode is a very special interview for host Mark Therriault. Two months ago, he went to the Himalayas and climbed Merra Peak, a 22,000ft mountain, to raise money for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice — a charity that provides pediatric palliative care for kids in B.C. Mark did the climb after watching his best friend and wife lose their young daughter to heart disease, and then experience the amazing care and support Canuck Place provided their family.

Margaret McNeil, the CEO of Canuck Place joins Mark on The Wealth Exchange. She is committed to community and has a background in the public sector. In previous roles, she was the VP of Operations at BC Housing, led the Mental Health and Addictions program at Vancouver Island Health Authority, and has led a variety of policy initiatives and programs for various aspects of health including home and community care in B.C.

In this episode, Mark and Margaret talk about the amazing work that Canuck Place does; their biggest challenges; their main focuses; and how they function, from providing space for families to receive inpatient care, to how they connect with prospective families. Margaret also talks about how staff and volunteers manage working in such a rewarding but emotionally difficult environment, what she loves most about her role at Canuck Place, and personal stories and touching experiences she’s had while working there.

Nicola Wealth Management and Canuck Place have a close relationship, with Nicola Wealth having supported Canuck Place for well over 12 years.


Key Takeaways:

[:30] About today’s interview.

[1:06] How Margaret got involved with Canuck Place and what drew her to her current role.

[2:44] About Canuck Place’s two locations.

[5:20] How a child and their family can get connected to Canuck Place.

[6:54] What does Canuck Place provide for families and children?

[11:06] How does staying at Canuck Place work for families?

[12:18] About the importance of the music room and the arts and crafts room.

[16:26] How staff deal with working in such a rewarding but emotionally difficult environment.

[19:51] How does one become a volunteer at Canuck Place?

[22:06] Margaret’s biggest challenge in her role at Canuck Place.

[24:06] What Margaret loves most about her role at Canuck Place.

[26:14] Mark’s friend’s personal experience with Canuck Place.

[29:50] How Canuck Place continues to serve families after a child passes.

[32:14] Canuck Place’s main focus in the coming years.

[35:55] About Canuck Place’s remarkable volunteers, staff, and council.

[37:19] Mark thanks Margaret for joining him this episode, and they talk about Nicola Wealth Management’s involvement with Canuck Place.


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