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CAN Fund #150Women x Nicola Wealth

We are proud to support and provide opportunities to  Canada’s female athletes and leaders.

Supporting Leaders and Athletes Alike 

Nicola Wealth is proud to be the premier partner of  CAN Fund #150Women, supporting female athletes on their journey as they represent Canada on the world stage.

What is CAN Fund #150Women?

CAN Fund #150Women is a nationwide community of women committed to supporting female athletes and each other. With over 2000 women coast-to-coast-to-coast, CAN Fund #150Women members share their diverse knowledge, experience, and passions, building a community of purpose that celebrates female success and supports female athletes competing for Canada. The youngest CAN Fund #150Women member is 9 and the oldest is 87. To date, CAN Fund #150Women has funded over 500 female athletes on their journey.

Through CAN Fund #150Women, female athletes can receive $6000 (up to twice a year) so they can afford: coaching, travel costs, team fees, extra physiotherapy, new equipment, proper nutrition, and the many expenses that come with wearing the maple leaf. This support helps ease the financial burden of being an athlete and allows them to focus solely on training and competing for Canada.

Being a CAN Fund #150Women recipient is incredibly meaningful because it takes away so much of the stress and pressure that I feel to come up with my $30,000 team fees during the season. This is a huge weight lifted off of my chest, and the feeling is pure freedom. More than that, it is so inspiring to be supported by women who believe in me, who show me that I can do it and to make me realize, “Why not me?” You have given me the time, freedom, and inspiration to not only compete with all my heart, but to also reach back to our next generation and lift them up throughout my journey.

– Erin Mielzynski, Alpine Skiing, 4x Olympian, and Multiple CAN Fund #150Women Recipient

To become a CAN Fund #150Women Member and join this exceptional network click below. With every donation, you will receive a tax receipt and the name of the female athlete you are supporting.

Natalie Wideman, Softball, 2020 Bronze Medalist, Multiple CAN Fund #150Women Recipient

A Culture of Excellence

At the heart of our relationship with CAN Fund #150Women is our desire to contribute to the same culture of excellence and performance that we believe has helped our own team at Nicola Wealth reach success.  Whether it is in our own industry, our work with clients, or supporting Canada’s top female athletes, we are proud to engage in opportunities that inspire excellence. 

Cindy Ouellet, Wheelchair Basketball and Para Nordic Skiing, 5x Paralympian, Multiple CAN Fund #150Women Recipient