Hot Topic: Millennials and Money: How to Connect in the Context of Finance, with Jessica Moorhouse


PODCAST February 14, 2019


Show Summary

In this episode, Ontario Regional Manager Ron Haik speaks with Jessica Moorhouse on millennials and money, and how parents can talk to their kids about money. Jessica is an expert on millennials and money; she has an award-winning blog, hosts a popular podcast, is a social media influencer, and is the founder of the Millennial Money Meetup.

Ron, a father of four himself, talks to Jessica about how key life experiences have shaped the millennial view on money, how parents can better understand their children in the context of finance, and what resources are available for parents to provide for their millennial kids. Jessica provides key takeaways on how to better understand millennials and their relationship to money, how parents (and others) can help millennials take actionable steps forward in the financial space, and how to have the “money talk” with your children.


Key Takeaways:

[:31] About this week’s episode and guest.

[1:20] Jessica’s advice on how the parents of today can reach out to their children in the context of managing their finances.

[3:42] How to better connect with your children in regards to money and lead by example.

[7:30] How to better understand your kids and not just see them as kids, but as the young adults they are.

[9:26] Jessica outlines some experiences unique to millennials that would help generations outside of that group looking in, better understand their plight.

[12:44] Is Jessica seeing millennials, as a generation, applying their resourcefulness and creativity to other factors of their investment philosophy?

[14:03] Where are millennials getting their resources and information in order to make their investment decisions? Where, as a parent, could you direct a millennial to?

[16:15] How can we enable millennials to take small, actionable steps forward in the financial space?

[18:56] What can millennials do to move beyond a google review and dive deeper in this subject?

[21:06] How to have the difficult “money talk” with your kids.

[25:16] What Jessica is seeing across the millennial generation that unites them on a financial perspective.

[26:35] What Jessica thinks parents should be aware of (and open to) when handing over the reins of your business to your millennial child.

[27:55] The one thing Jessica would ask parents to do when speaking to their children.

[30:25] Where to learn more about Jessica and her work.


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